New York Architecture Sightseeing App

"We knew more then our tour guide" - Laura Cassetti, Shelton, CT

"My girlfriend was really impressed with how knowledgeable I was about New York City history" – Brian Thompson, Palm Beach, FL

About Lookze

Lookze is a hip new startup company located in New York City. Our mission is to enable tourists and curious city habitants to discover and explore the stories and history surrounding both popular tourism sights and hidden architecture gems in real-time while sightseeing within great cities worldwide.

Our History

Living in the Soho Cast-Iron District of New York City, our founder Larry Gurreri, loved strolling around the picturesque streets of his neighborhood. However, he realized that he knew very little about the history of his surroundings. Furthermore, Larry took notice of the flocks of tourists visiting his neighborhood daily, pointing-at and snapping photos of the streets and buildings without any knowledge of the history. After conducting extensive research, Larry discovered that the information he wanted was not readily available.  Travel guides primarily only provide information on top tourist attractions and online search queries return little additional information. Obtaining a comprehensive historic overview, would require substantial research, which tourists and curious city habitants will likely not be willing to invest the time to-do while sightseeing.

However, the invention of smart phones and tablets has changed how tourists and city habitants can explore travel destinations by proving the mechanism for enabling them to discover the stories and history surrounding them in real-time while sightseeing. Before, tourists would have had to of carried around piles of books with them on their journey to have this information readily available. Lookze researches, revises, and condenses this information in comprehensive and concise format and provides it to you in real-time as you explore travel and tourism destination.