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"We knew more then our tour guide" - Laura Cassetti, Shelton, CT

"My girlfriend was really impressed with how knowledgeable I was about New York City history" – Brian Thompson, Palm Beach, FL

Lookze Now Available on the Apple App Store

New York City, NY, November 8, 2011: Lookze™ today announced it has added Lookze New York Sightseeing Lite app to the Apple App Store, Apple’s online storefront for iOS device apps.

Lookze New York Sightseeing is a GPS enabled app for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Unlike similar apps that only provide information about the major tourist attractions, Lookze provides stories and history about popular tourism sights, interesting buildings and hidden architecture gems. Key features include a GPS enabled list of sights, address search, maps, photos, and comprehensive yet concise stories and information about building owners, architects, tenants and more.

“Lookze is committed to providing a rich and satisfying content experience that includes well researched, written and illustrated stories and history that enables tourists and curious city dwellers to discover their surroundings in real-time without spending hours researching,” says Larry Gurreri, company founder. “By adding Lookze to the Apple App Store, we’ve made it extremely easy for users in our market to access and enjoy our content. We’ll also be rolling out versions for other cities and new platform releases for Android and Blackberry soon.”

Traditional publishers that primarily develop content for book and eBook formats have dominated the travel guide industry. The majority of content produced is not targeted for mobile users. Lookze is a new breed content development and technology company that is entirely focused on the mobile experience and is redefining the future of sightseeing.

Lookze is a hip new startup company located in New York City. Our mission is to enable tourists and curious city habitants to discover and explore the stories and history surrounding both popular tourism sights and hidden architecture gems in real-time while sightseeing within great cities worldwide. Founder Larry Gurreri formerly served as the Vice President of Search Marketing at Digitas (Nasdaq: DTAS).

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Larry Gurreri